oatcereals said: Hey, would you consider doing paid custom videos?

Nah. No time.

dtime8124 said: I wanted to know if you're working in your career of choice?

I am! Love my career.

thesolesearcher said: OMG LOVE your multicolored pedi! May we (I) have more pics of those 10 toes? Perhaps in the sun or well lit? Of course, soles pics with scrunched/curled toes that show the colors are every bit as good... Please?!? <3

Ha, that’s a realllllly old photo. Maybe l be re-inspired?



I guess I&#8217;ve liked baths for a while now.

Pure Rebel

ballerinagirl1993-deactivated20 said: hi i love you so much xx :) can you please please do a vid where you have on really sweaty socks then take of the socks then squeeze the sweat out into your mouth? :) xx thank you xx :) love you xx :) xx



Anyone remember ballerina girl LMAO

lemuranddinosaur said: Hey ! I always wanted to ask: does you internet name has anything to do with a song of Regina Spektor ? Have a good day.

Yes! :D

So pastel
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